Self-Pay Extended Business Office

From our years of experience, we know the recipe for success. Self-pay accounts must be contacted consistently to educate the patients of why the balance is due, and bring their account current. Combining our technology, analytics and professionally trained account managers, we strive to collect the funds that are rightfully yours.

Utilizing our communications technologies, we provide customized messages determined by you, for your patients. These messages allow our professionals to communicate expectations, payment arrangements, and ultimately increase the amount of cash collected. We strive to establish patient rapport in an effort to collect payments and resolve accounts.

Amplify understands your provider and patient relationships are of the highest importance. Our training and quality programs focus around that standard to impact patient relationships while collecting the maximum amount of cash.

Coordination between client policy and procedures is a part of our process, focusing on an integrated approach to account management. We are dedicated to helping improve your revenue cycle outcomes as an extension of your business office.

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